We are coming down to the wire and this is the LAST WEEK to sign up for SPEED SCHOOL!

So today I wanted to give you 4 more reasons why you athlete should sign up!


  1.  SPEED RESERVE: The faster you get at sprinting it makes all submaximal efforts easier!  When you increase sprinting Speed and Power output every time your foot hits the ground you produce more force.  This means you will cover more ground with less effort!  This is a great thing because it acts as a buffer against fatigue build up over the course of a game!

  2. EDUCATION IMPROVES OUTPUT:  The more your athlete understand about speed the more they will get out of every training session.  When athletes can connect purpose to a drill or a workout session you get improved output and that always improves results.

  3. INJURY PREVENTION: Doing what is required to improve your sprinting speed in the off season is a great way to prepare the body for forces that they will have to deal with in competitive play.  Often athletes go into offseason and pre season deconditioned and this makes you more likely to get injured.

  4. STAND OUT:  Improving your SPEED in the offseason is a GREAT way to stand out against your peers and competition.  Coaches are always looking for guys who can run and showing up running faster than you use to be able to run is a CHEAT CODE to more minutes and playing time!


You can find all the details here about SPEED SCHOOL and If you want us to reserve one of our remaining slots just respond to this email and let us know!


Talk soon,


Andy McCloy