The summer is the off season for many sports!


Well, it’s supposed to be!


The youth sports world tries to make the entire summer about competition as opposed to preparation!


This may be the biggest problem in youth sports right now.


When you are always competing you can’t prepare and develop the skills that allow you to play your best.


You get lots of reps with your specific skills (swinging, hitting, catching, throwing, dribbling etc.) but it’s hard to allot the right amount of time to developing the general skills (speed/strength/agility).


In our experience many athletes lack the general skills and get an abundance of work on the specific.


The pressure to compete and play all year round is hard to overcome!


I barely escaped having my 8yr old play All Star Softball!


So, I feel your pain and the pressure.


Getting FASTER should be one of your highest priorities this and every summer!


If you’re willing to devote just 2-4 days a week to improving your speed it can be a game changer for your future performances!


July 5th, we start our month-long SPEED SCHOOL


In those 4 weeks athletes will receive a crash course and small taste of what’s possible if they spend time working on the skill of SPEED!


Over half the slots have already been taken and we will only take 20 athletes for this year’s program!


If you are ready and able to make time for your athlete to improve their speed this is a no brainer!


Click here for all the details!


For current BCI Athletes this is over 50% discount!


Any questions feel free to reach out!


Talk soon,


Andy McCloy