Over the last 20 years we have helped hundreds of not thousands of athletes make the most of their off season!


With that said…


Youth football season is coming to a close soon!


High School season is still rolling but I wanted to check in today to give you some guidance on how to address your off season.


There are two main focuses you should focus on this offseason if you want the best chance of dominating the competition!


The first priority of the off-season is recovery.


Football is a tough game and the body needs rest after a season.


Rest doesn’t mean sitting on the couch watching cartoons.


I’m referring to active rest and taking a break from the sport itself. 


This is a great time for athletes to focus on their fundamentals like sleep, nutrition and “off field training”.


The second priority in the off season should be enhancement.


Your off season training should be designed to help you improve your overall athleticism and enhance the skills you may have been lacking the previous season.


The main qualities that you should focus on in the off season are:








Mobility / stability



The BCI Method of training and our Off Season program focuses on all of these qualities and we teach you how to balance recovery and enhancement.


If your athlete is finishing up their season and you want to ensure that they get a jump start on preparation for next year we can help.  


We are enrolling off season football athletes now!


If you’d like to learn more about how we can help, our process begins with a FREE “Game Plan” Session.


In this meeting we will go over all of your goals and commitments and then discuss how our program can help you dominate on the field, impress coaches and stand out against the competition!


If you’re ready to tackle the off season shoot me a message and we will get you set for your FREE Game Plan session!


Talk soon,


Andy McCloy