Top 5 Speed Mistakes Youth Athletes Make

You should be aware by now that THE BCI Speed School is coming up SOON!   July 5th is the first session, and we are accepting enrollment NOW!   Click this link if you're ready:   We already have 5 slots [...]

One Trick That Will Make You Faster

Athletes are masters of deception   It’s not their fault   It’s human nature   They learn to moderate efforts based on their peers’ abilities and their coaches’ expectations   The problem this can create regarding speed improvements is the [...]

Want To Get Fast? Focus On This…

What’s up folks!  SPEED SCHOOL begins in 20 DAYS!   We have 12 SPOTS remaining and we expect them to go FAST!   If you want in lock in your spot by clicking this link NOW!   If you want [...]

Does Stretching Make You Faster?

I hope you guys are enjoying this email series as we promote SPEED SCHOOL that begins on July 5th!   Today I wanted to answer one of the main questions I have received talking with parents about speed.   Does stretching make you [...]

Avoid this one Mistake this Summer!

The summer is the off season for many sports!   Well, it’s supposed to be!   The youth sports world tries to make the entire summer about competition as opposed to preparation!   This may be the biggest problem in [...]

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