BCI Summer FUNdamentals Camp

The BCI Summer FUNdamentals Camp WHO: 7-11 year old children DISCOUNT: 10% Discount for those who sign up before Memorial Day for a total of 4 or more weeks during the summer.  Discounts for additional family members are possible as [...]

Outsourcing Survival

Hey Ya'll! I was watching this show yesterday and they were talking about how modern society has convinced us that it’s ok to “outsource our own survival”. If we go back in history life was a bit less convenient.  We [...]

Do This and Get Lean!

OK, I wanted to give you all a simple checklist to follow that will help you get lean, strong and become the fittest version of yourself!  Get 7hrs of sleep.  I’m going to keep mentioning this for one reason.  It’s [...]

Five Thing I Use That You Should Know About

  What's happening folks?  I'm back, and today I wanted to quickly share 5 things that I use and really dig:  Masterclass: If you aren't familiar with masterclass you need to be.  This is an online platform that helps you [...]

Three Tips for Better Workouts

It's Monday, and so begins another week of workouts for millions of people around the United States. Wherever you find yourself this week I want to share 3 simple tips to help you make sure you get to your workout [...]

Is That True?

Questions are the key to your results in the gym? The post below is one I made on Facebook awhile back.  I wanted to share it with you all because learning to question your beliefs around food, fitness and how [...]

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