How To Run Your Fastest Time Ever

Running faster is something you can learn how to do.   Sports Science has killed the myth that you are either born fast or not.   I’m not implying anyone can become Usain Bolt, but athletes can absolutely become faster! [...]

Self Talk

I have a sweet tooth I am not a morning person I don’t like vegetables I can’t lift weights I don’t like cardio Ever said any of those things? Ever said any of those things so many times you actually [...]

A Little “Whoo-whoo”

This might be a little woo woo for you so bear with me…. Your brain needs to be pointed in the right direction or you will at times fall victim to your “programming”. You will do what you always do. [...]

Eat More of THIS to Lose Fat and “Tone” up!

What’s good?   Hope you are well!   Do you want to tone up?   Lose some body fat and look your best?   If so, the amount of protein you eat is a MAJOR factor in creating a lean [...]

Top 5 Speed Mistakes Youth Athletes Make

You should be aware by now that THE BCI Speed School is coming up SOON!   July 5th is the first session, and we are accepting enrollment NOW!   Click this link if you're ready:   We already have 5 slots [...]

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