I hope you guys are enjoying this email series as we promote SPEED SCHOOL that begins on July 5th!


Today I wanted to answer one of the main questions I have received talking with parents about speed.


Does stretching make you faster?


Here’s the truth…. No, it won’t.


In fact, this may blow your mind but some of the stiffest athletes I have ever seen are also the fastest.


Stretching is tricky


You can’t make muscles longer and you will not be able to stretch yourself into a “lengthened” position


You may be calling my bluff on this if you’re still reading but there is quite literally no evidence that stretching improves speed and there are studies proving that holding stretches for over 1 minute or more before a speed related event makes you slower!!


This is the main reason “dynamic warmups” are the standard for warming up athletes who participate in sports that require them to move fast!


Does this mean stretching is bad?  NO!


Not at all and we feel doing some stretching for certain parts of the body has merit


We aren’t making muscles longer, but we are decreasing tension in the nervous system if done correctly and that has value


Stretching is a small part of what we call R.A.M.P at BCI.


Range of motion=Some Light stretching for hip flexors and adductors

Activation=performing exercises that “turn on” the right muscles

Movement Preparation= this is where we mobilize and stabilize joints, and begin to include movements that further “warm up” the body for more explosive activities


Before every session BCI Athletes perform a R.A.M.P and this is THE best way to warm up for any explosive event or sport!


Every day we will begin SPEED SCHOOL with a specific R.A.M.P that we will work to ingrain into minds and bodies of our athletes


They can use this R.A.M.P to prepare for any event in or out of BCI


Learning how to warm up and prepare properly is a master skill that’s required for maximal performance!


NO, Stretching will not make you faster, but it is one piece of a recipe that can help you warm up for your best performance.


Any other SPEED QUESTIONS?  Shoot them over and I’ll answer them in future emails!


Stay Strong,


Andy McCloy