What’s good?


Hope you are well!


Do you want to tone up?


Lose some body fat and look your best?


If so, the amount of protein you eat is a MAJOR factor in creating a lean toned body.


Working out alone does not create the body you want!


Working out beats your body up!


Recovery is where the results happen!


In order to recover your body needs protein.


Protein is made up of amino acids and those amino acids help repair damaged muscle fibers.


When you can recover from your training you begin to build the body you want.


If you don’t give your body what it needs to recover you end up working out and not getting results.


That’s no fun!


Protein is great for recovery but here’s a few more reasons why you need more protein:


  1.  Protein is the most satiating macronutrient.  People don’t overeat on protein.  By including more protein in your diet you will be less likely to overeat on carbs, fats and sugar.  Increasing your protein intake will help keep hunger at bay which is a major focus when dieting.


  1. Adding protein to a meal helps moderate the blood sugar spike.  High blood sugar is the enemy of health and leanness.  If your blood sugar is high and you develop insulin resistance it becomes a lot harder to lose body fat!  Don’t eat carbs by themselves.  Combine them with protein and you will “smooth out” the blood sugar spike


  1.  Sources of protein like eggs, and beef and fatty fish are THE MOST nutrient dense foods you can eat.  Some vegans and vegetarians would tell you otherwise but this isn’t true.  In fact, in order to not end up nutrient deficient, vegans and vegetarians are advised to supplement with many vitamins that are naturally found in the protein sources I listed above!


So how much protein should you eat?


Glad you asked!


✅ Consume .75-1.25 g of protein per pound of body weight.  If you have more fat to lose this could be reduced to about .6 per pound of body weight or .75-1.25 of GOAL WEIGHT.


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Talk soon,


Andy McCloy


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