Why do you work out?


Is it to look your best?


Feel your best?


Enjoy life as you get older?


At BCI we specialize in helping busy adults who are 35-55 get lean, strong, and more resilient so they can live life without limits.


Whether you want to look good for a beach trip or ensure you have the energy, strength, and ability to play with your children as they get older, we can help.


Here’s the key to why our system is so effective….


There’s a hierarchy of fitness qualities that all humans have, believe it or not.


Our programs are designed to help “install” these fitness qualities!


Here’s a graphic that illustrates this:



All these qualities matter but if you don’t develop them with respect to their importance and how they impact each other you will be leaving results on the table and possibly creating issues you may have to address later in life.


I’ll explain more on that some other time but today I want to discuss the foundation of this pyramid and why it’s so important.


First and foremost, you must have a well-developed Aerobic system.


I won’t bore you with the nerdy details on this but the key to living a long time and having energy that allows you to enjoy life to its fullest comes down to how efficient and maximized your aerobic system is.


We are in the age of shortcuts so there are many who want you to believe that a few HIIT sessions or Tabata will check this box and that’s simply not true.


A 20min WOD done for time, or some random interval session is not creating specific adaptations for your aerobic system.


Something is better than nothing, but I can assure you that if you aren’t training to specifically improve your aerobic system (power and capacity) you aren’t getting maximal benefit from your training.


At BCI there’s a series of tests we can use to assess this.


This year we are launching the BCI Olympics.


This event is designed to give more purpose to our clients’ training and show them where their “weak points” are.


Working out just to workout is cool…. but training for specific outcomes that help you become more fit, less stressed and look your best is better


This event is different from any other event that exists.


This isn’t about competing against others in randomly chosen events that beat your body up.


Our clients will be competing against themselves and the “standards” we have developed based on working with hundreds of clients over the last two decades.


Those standards are based around Aerobic Fitness, movement (mobility and stability), and various strength and power qualities.


How our clients perform will give us objective data on where we go with their program to ensure they keep getting results!


Having a well-developed aerobic system can help you:


  1.  Lower stress levels
  2. Decrease tension and tightness (without stretching)
  3. Sleep better and Recover faster
  4. Lose Body Fat


Oh yeah, a well-developed aerobic system also helps you LIVE LONGER!


Aerobic fitness improvements are shown to improve all-cause mortality!


Sold yet?


I hope so.


In my next email I’ll share with you guys because “Movement” is so important.  For those of you that struggle with joint pain you don’t want to miss this!


Talk soon,


Andy McCloy