This won’t include detox teas, fat burners, tons of cardio or other things you’ve been sold before in the past. The key is simply strength training and proper nutrition. Two things we address at BCI.


The way to create a lean body is to start by proper strength training. Simple movements executed well with eventual progressive overload (progressively adding either weights, reps, sets or time under tension). The 15lb dumbbells aren’t going to cut it forever. Your muscles need more stimulus to break down, repair and grow. Strength training also creates firmness. Nothing is worse than spending hours in the gym but not looking like you workout. Weights help with this!


If you are in the market to get strong, lean and feel confident in your skin… Strength training is the way to go! In a couple weeks, BCI will be holding a 1 month StrongHER experience! This will be an introductory course to strength training, how to move properly in the weight room and set intentions around your lifts… ONLY WOMEN ALLOWED 😉


If you’re interested, reach out to reserve your spot!

  • Maddie