I was talking to a client recently about what he wanted to accomplish with his health and fitness goals.


He knows we are launching our 42 STRONG program which begins August 13th so we were discussing the details and curious about how it could help him.


This client was joking about how he “might as well give up” even though he really wanted to drop 20lbs.


After talking for a few minutes he said “I mean I want to lose the weight I just don’t want to exercise and change the way I eat”


This is not uncommon, so if you have ever felt this way just know you aren’t alone.


I asked him how that approach was working and he confirmed that it wasn’t.


He felt terrible, his body always hurt and looking at old photos on facebook had become so painful he quit sharing the “memories” that Facebook showed him.


I told him I understood and then shared the only two options he has….


“You can either lower your standards and keep feeling this way or you can raise the expectations you have of yourself and make change a priority for yourself and for your family”


If you want to create real changes in your health and fitness there’s a good chance you will have to raise the expectations you have for yourself when it comes to how you eat, move, and “entertain” yourself.


That’s the facts


The alternative is to keep doing what you’re doing but lower your standards and let time run its course.


I don’t know about you but even those words….. “lower your standards” doesn’t make me feel good.


Is there anything more important than your health and how you feel about yourself?


I’ll leave you with this today….


If you want to create change raise the expectations you have of yourself


Change is hard but it’s not as painful as staying the same!


DO NOT LOWER YOUR STANDARDS and accept a lower version of who you are capable of becoming.


Your future self with thank you!


Stay Strong,


Andy McCloy