Jordan Matthews was drafted #42 overall by the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL Draft. As many of you know Jordan has been a long time client and supporter of BCI.

I started training him his 8th grade summer and was fortunate enough to get to train him regularly over the last 7-8 yrs! Over that time I have watched him grow from boy to man, and from a 2 star recruit to a superstar setting SEC records in both receiving yards and catches!

Watching Jordan get drafted live on TV was the highlight of my 13 year career training athletes and a day I will remember forever. I cant wait to see him play in the NFC EAST! Playing in Chip Kelly’s dynamic system is going to be a great opportunity for Jordan and I know he will seize the opportunity!

Last week as we prepared for the draft the Nashville Tennessean came to BCI as they followed Jordan around his hometown! They filmed us training and interviewed me on our relationship which has evolved into a real friendship over the years. I love the kid like he is family and look forward to training him for many years to come!

Jordan matthews NFL Body creations inc

Check out the link below and make sure and watch the video that accompanies it: CLICK HERE

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Andy McCloy
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