Athletes are masters of deception


It’s not their fault


It’s human nature


They learn to moderate efforts based on their peers’ abilities and their coaches’ expectations


The problem this can create regarding speed improvements is the effort often doesn’t match the desired outcome


If you’ve been reading these emails you should know by now that there must be periods of running as fast as you can, and those efforts are a major key to speed improvement!


If an athlete lowers his effort level based on the athletes he’s training with or due to a coach not being able to discern the difference between a 100% effort and a 70% effort the athlete won’t adapt optimally.


So how do we fix this at BCI?


We leverage their competitive qualities and time all our sprints.


Times sprints give objective feedback


Throw those times up on a board and athletes become aware of where they sit amongst the pack and what a best effort truly looks like!


At the BCI SPEED School we will be timing sprints and pulling out all the ninja tricks to ensure that athletes get FAST!


We have 10 spots left.


If you’re on the fence it’s time to jump!


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Talk Soon,


Andy McCloy