I have a sweet tooth

I am not a morning person

I don’t like vegetables

I can’t lift weights

I don’t like cardio

Ever said any of those things?

Ever said any of those things so many times you actually believe them?

Here’s the deal….u weren’t born that way.  You aren’t any of those things definitively.  You made decisions and reinforced those decisions and they became to feel true.

You may have a tendency to eat sweets and really like them….most people do….but if you make having a “sweet tooth” part of your identity that’s really hard to change .

Factually speaking I think we both know u don’t really have a sweet tooth.  You just really like sweets.  That could be for various reasons.

You may not like the mornings but I bet you there are many morning over your lifetime you have enjoyed.  Think Christmas morning….or some other event that had some pay off for you.  You became a morning person that day….u had a better perspective on the morning at the very least because of the perceived value of how you will spend that morning.

Ya following me?

Be careful with your language

Humans are meaning making machines and capable of infinite rationalizations

We are the greatest story tellers in the world….

Make sure the stories align with what you want and what you’re capable of

Not what you’ve settled for or what you have come to accept as “enough”.

– Andy