It’s easy to confuse general physical preparation with skill development these days because most of the trainers simply don’t know the difference.

There is no hate in my blood when it comes to this industry...

But I stand AGAINST trainers doing a bunch of random drills that look cool on Instagram when they don’t understand the “ SAID principle” or how to build a program in the private market around a general to specific continuum.

Any professional who has taken the time to educate  themselves knows this is not a good use of a young athletes time

Context matters and there are times it may have some merit BUT because young athletes likes it and u see examples of some pros doing it that does not mean it is a good use of that athletes time..or money

This has become the marketing approach because it appeals to what kids want to do and most simply don’t understand what physical preparation truly is.

I’m glad some pros are talking about this because unfortunately that is not common.