Companies have engineered food to keep you eating and over consuming!

This is good for their bottom line and terrible for youR health.

In the spirit of “Awareness proceeds change” I wanted to point you towards the following:

You need to know what “hyper palatable” foods are.  These foods are engineered to be addictive and do not leave u satiated!

This can lead to over eating which is the root cause of all weight gain and many metabolic health issues!

Hyper palatable foods are a combo of fat and sugar which lights your brain up and makes you want more!

This is NOT good if you struggle with over eating, maintaining a weight you feel best at and/or have some health issues that require you to drop some weight (or control blood sugar).

Read the article attached .

Ironically the author mentioned the book we are having you read.

You need to know yourself and you need to understand the games that are played which aren’t in your favor when it comes to advertising of food!

I also included a list of the 18 most addictive foods.  I’d consider not having these things in your home.

Notice steak made the list…that’s cuz it’s so awesome.  It’s the only food on this list you will rarely “over eat”.

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– Andy McCloy