You’ve been lied to….


I have a big problem with the fitness industry.


To be clear I love the fitness industry, but a large part of this industry lies to you.


There is a desire to “sell you the free vacation”


Just google “6min abs”


This was a popular program and book that sold a ton of copies but never produced a single six pack by itself…. How can I say that for sure?


Because I know the truth…


I don’t care if you do 6 min, 5 min, 4 min or 12 minutes’ worth of abs every single day, doing crunches alone WILL NEVER PRODUCE a 6 pack or a leaner mid-section!


Losing fat requires more than a special workout for your abs!


Most marketers in the fitness industry don’t trust you to be able to handle the truth!


I believe you can handle it so here’s 3 truths I want to share with you about losing fat:


  1.  You MUST eat in a calorie deficit and if you aren’t tracking your food in some way, you have no idea how many calories you are eating.  If you have been told certain types of diets don’t require you to eat in a calorie deficit you’re being lied to.  ALL DIETS work for this reason and there are many different approaches than can work based on your experience and preferences.
  2. Lifting weights is better than cardio for fat loss!!  Cardio does NOT burn fat better than strength training and strength training won’t make you bulky if you lose fat!
  3. You need a coach.  Losing weight and fat by yourself is a challenge even when you know the rules of fat loss.  We have biases, preferences, weak moments, and different lives.  You can google diets and programs and try to do it on your own but being able to use a coach’s brain and expertise to fast forward your results and course correct when needed is the only sure-fire way to get continuous and sustainable results.  There’s one caveat to this point…. hiring a coach doesn’t solve the problem, you need to follow the plan and do the work!


So, here’s the deal….


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We tell you EXACTLY what to do to jumpstart your fat loss and physical transformation


We are so confident that this will work for you that if you do what we tell you to do and don’t get results we will keep training you for FREE until you get the results you desire!


You have nothing to lose…. other than body fat you don’t want!


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Talk soon,


Andy McCloy

Owner BCI