What’s up folks!  SPEED SCHOOL begins in 20 DAYS!


We have 12 SPOTS remaining and we expect them to go FAST!


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If you want to get FAST, it is in your best interest to begin focusing on your first 10yds.


Your first 10yds of any race is what is called the “acceleration phase”.


This is the phase of sprinting that most athletes in most sports will spend most of their time.


Being a great accelerator is a first step towards becoming a faster athlete.


How do you get better at accelerating you ask?


Here’s 5 quick tips we plan to reinforce at Speed School:


  1. You must hit your “angles”.  Good acceleration is all about getting “horizontal”.  You need your shoulders in front of your base of support (your feet) and you need to attack the ground with your first 6-7 steps.
  2. Rise like an airplane. Nail your first step.  If your first step is “up” instead of “out” the athlete will rise early and must change levels to get back into a position of horizontal force production.  Think about how an airplane takes off and picks up speed.  It doesn’t go straight up.
  3. Aggressive Arms.  We teach athletes to “rip their arms” when they begin a sprint, so they create maximal force and separation.  The arms have a great deal of influence on what happens with your legs.  Poor arm action will limit your ability to put force into the ground and minimize stride length!
  4. Relaxed Aggression. That may seem like an oxymoron but it’s a great way of explaining what’s required to be fast.  Acceleration is all about force production, but you can’t be tense and tight when expressing force.  Staying relaxed while being aggressive and attacking the ground is critical to maximize your speed!
  5. Be patient. In an attempt to be fast most athletes end up “going nowhere fast”.  Get it?  The person who takes the least number of steps in an acceleration phase is covering the most ground in the least amount of time.  Rushing this process leads athletes to having quick feet which minimizes force and adds extra steps you don’t need.  This is exactly why doing ladder drills don’t make you faster!


SPEED is a skill!  Concepts and ideas without consistent repetition only go so far!




SPEED SCHOOL will help your athlete develop a better understanding of what’s required to improve their speed and arm them with the exact drills we have used to help countless athletes run their personal best times.


If you’re ready to get fast and explosive so you can stand out amongst your peers this is your chance.


Time is running out…


IN Strength,

Andy McCloy