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Fitness training Madison, AL



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When I joined BCI almost two years ago I was mentally and physically drained and broken at best. I had just experienced the hardest two years of my life giving every bit of time and energy to helping my daughter fight cancer with zero time thinking or working on my mental and physical strength and well-being. Thanks to Andy McCloy and the staff at BCI I have been able to completely overcome and reverse the damage caused during that time. They formatted training to my abilities, followed up with my nutrition and habits but most importantly showed me the steps needed to reach my goals while never putting me in a position to injure myself so that I could be the best me not only for myself but my family.

- JR Smith
Fitness and personal training in Madison Al

My daughter started going to BCI two years ago. She plays club soccer and also dances. We wanted her learn the proper way to exercise and take care of herself. Her confidence and overall strength have improved drastically since starting BCI. She absolutely loves going there and she said that everyone feels like family. People say that it takes a village. Andy and his team are part of that village.

I decided that I wanted to give BCI a try. I started in the Metabolic program and then I added Performace Coaching. I can not say enough about how amazing these programs have been. I am so much stronger and have seen a big change in my body. I also feel like I have learned a lot about proper nutrition and this has made a big change in how I feel on a daily basis.

Andy and his team are very informative. They are always there and will take time to discuss anything and everything. I too feel like everyone at BCI is like family. I feel blessed that my daughter and I have this opportunity to be apart of this family.

- Kelly Sullivan
Fitness and fat loss training in Huntsville Al

Currently I am at one of my top fitness levels I have been in for a number of years now, according to the data retrieved by the Inbody scale at BCI.  My numbers fall in the athlete level. Do I play top level sports? No. I’m a 47 year old working mother of 2 boys and 3 puppies. And a husband. Do I do anything extraordinary when I work out? No. I lift pretty much the same or maybe a little more as everyone else around me. Do I eat “on target”
Everyday? No. My latest obsession are white cheddar cheese it’s and of course my wine.

What am I doing right then? Consistency! I attend BCI classes, met blast and performance coaching combined, 4-6 times per week. I have trained with the same trainer 4-6 times a week for a year now. He knows me well. He knows when he can push, and he also knows the days it took everything just to get to the gym, and provides a shoulder to lean on. This is everything! And the fact that I have fun with all my fellow workout friends as I’m doing it, is a huge bonus.

I love my BCI family.

- Sheila