Questions are the key to your results in the gym?

The post below is one I made on Facebook awhile back.

 I wanted to share it with you all because learning to question your beliefs around food, fitness and how to accomplish your related goals is SOOOOO IMPORTANT…

When it comes to health and fitness most people are very dogmatic about their beliefs, yet they don’t have a lot of evidence to support those beliefs other than “it worked in the past” or “this person said it worked for them”.

While this is a very common way to make decisions it can also set you back and keep you in a cycle of weight loss and weight gain.  The same can be said for those of you who struggle to gain weight.

Give this a read and let me know what thoughts come up for you!!


I’m heavily aware of my biases and question them often. It’s easy for social media to create a feedback mechanism where you only see things that support your beliefs and biases. The algorithm has something to do with this I suspect.

So, knowing this I often go and read people’s articles and posts who have the exact opposite opinion or belief that I do.

I don’t do this to get outraged or argue.

I do this because I am curious.

Curiosity has helped me learn and “unlearn” things that I once questioned or believed to be true.

So how do ya get curious?

I ask questions….

I ask MYSELF questions

Is this true?

How do I really know this to be true?

Do I have enough evidence to support this belief?

Am I sure?

I keep peeling the onion back and sometimes the realization I have is


However, if I continuously question my beliefs, I get closer to feeling a sense of “truth” or “belief” regarding my paradigm of the world. I also accept I could still have a gigantic blind spot.

Give it a shot

You may find your current beliefs deserve more questioning or you may find you are more certain than ever that you are correct.

Either way, there is no negative to this practice.

Let me know how this goes and as always, if I can help, please let me know!!

Stay Strong,

Andy McCloy