Hey Ya’ll!

I was watching this show yesterday and they were talking about how modern society has convinced us that it’s ok to “outsource our own survival”.

If we go back in history life was a bit less convenient.  We had to travel long distances for food and the calories themselves were scarce.  There was no popping through the drive thru window after work!

Our ability to withstand the heat and cold has dwindled as air conditioners and heaters keep us cozy.

Most Americans could not walk 3 miles of their car broke down on the road.

The majority of Americans are eating over 80% of their meals from a fast-food restaurant, gas station or a “cafeteria” at their place or employment.

We don’t handle temperature regulation well; we are primarily sedentary and the foods we are eating are engineered to keep us eating more but never get full.

We have outsourced our survival to anyone who will make life easier for us!

I think a return to our roots is necessary!

Now I’m not advocating for tossing your car keys in the trash and walking to work…although it’s not the worst idea if possible.

I’m not saying you can’t ever eat out or enjoy a honey bun…. but we should make sure the food we are eating meets our nutritional and dietary needs first!

Modern life that doesn’t require us to walk far, hike, forage for food, build shelter, hunt, and protect ourselves against nature provides very little stimulus to our bodies that will allow us to become stronger and more resilient!

So, what do you think we should do?

There’s a host of things you can do but not talking fast first into a pumpkin full of candy is step #1!

Halloween is right around the corner and Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it!

If you’re serious about surviving the holidays this year we have a new program coming for you!

Enrollment is open for The BCI HOLIDAY SURVIVAL BLUEPRINT.

We have taken the principles we build our flag ship transformation program 42 Strong around and condensed them into a 21-day program that will keep you dialed in through Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Don’t worry we don’t expect you to skip out on a little candy and all the goodness that ends up on our plates during Thanksgiving.


We will teach you how to manage the days in between so you can enjoy yourself and not have to suffer through holiday weight gain!

If you know that you need some help this time of year because it’s a struggle to moderate food and exercise during the holidays reach out!

Talk soon,

Andy McCloy