Here’s a few things I am using that you may find value in.

80% of Americans struggle with Back Pain.  Keeping your back healthy and strong is a worthy investment of your time.  If you have back pain and need a core training program to fix your back reply to this email and I’ll send you over a back program designed by the worlds best back researcher.

Workouts alone may not get the job done.  Sometimes the back isn’t even the issue.  The tissues around the back can get pretty nasty and that limits how we breathe, move and feel.

The three things I wanted to share with you today all help me keep my back healthy by addressing other areas that could contribute to back pain.

  1.  Pso Rite:  this looks like a mid evil torture device.  You use the device to create “Psoas. Release”.  The Psoas is a long and strong muscle that connects to your spine and aids in all types of movements.   When your psoas is a tight you will experience back pain.
  1. Courageous Ball: This ball can be used to massage the diaphragm and internal core.  You have an inner and outer core.  The inner core plays a major role in stabilizing the pelvis and spine.  Using this ball is uncomfortable but it is amazing how it releases tension in the back!
  1. SlackBow:  The SlackBow is a balance training device.  It is really cool and I may buy more for the gym.  Using this daily helps improve the way your brain and muscles communicate better so when you find yourself in an unstable environment you can handle it without falling.  It also helps strengthen the foot and entire ankle complex.  Really loving this!

Hope this has some value for you today.  I plan to share more of the things I use to optimize my health and fitness!

Talk soon,

Andy McCloy