I want you to think about how modern life is set up for comfort.

We have AC and Heat so our bodies don’t have to regulate temperature.

We will never go hungry because there is food available everywhere you look yet somehow cooking and preparing meals has become an ancient skill.

We drive cars, use escalators, elevators, scooters and hoverboards to go places instead of walking long distances the way humans are capable of.

We are told to “take it easy” as we get older and avoid going outside on hot days.

I could keep going on forever…

If I were to put together a recipe to make someone weaker and less resilient this would be it.

Avoiding all stress is a bad idea.

Humans need stress to be more resilient.

The right amount of stress is the key.

The amount of stress that simulates a positive response is called Hormesis.

Hormetic stressors make you more physically fit and resilient.

Examples of hormetic stressors are fasting (or any form of calorie restriction), exercise, hot and cold therapies, hiking, etc.

We quite literally NEED to build these things into our lives or modern society will rob you of your resilience.

When VR (virtual reality) really gets big….people will have very little incentives to move.

I got a story to share about that for another time!

Movement is life folks.

You need it.

Be intentional about it.

If you need help I am in your corner

Just hit the reply button!

Talk soon,

Andy McCloy