What’s up folks!

Here’s the deal with fat loss.

There is one rule that drives ALL fat loss results, so the headline of this email is a bit misleading.

There are many strategies to lose fat and even more tactics you can deploy, but there’s only one way to get fat gone!

So, the answer to 1-10 are the same.

Drum roll please….

You MUST eat in a calorie deficit!

There’s simply no way around this.

If you want to learn how to eat in a calorie deficit and lose 5-10lbs GUARANTEED keep reading!

Our Holiday Survival Blueprint Program is OPEN!

This program runs for 3 weeks and teaches you how to dominate the days in between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

When you enroll in this program you will receive:

-Unlimited training options to help you get lean and strong (VALUE: 299$)

-Customized Nutrition Manual that tells you exactly what to eat…and the recipes are awesome too! (VALUE: 100$)

-Accountability so you never fall off track!  This is a MAJOR KEY to results and with our system you can’t hide!

-Association with other like-minded individuals who are on the same journey!

The cost is 199$ which is a 200$ discount off what it would normally cost you to have this level of access to our systems and programs!

If you want in respond to this email, and we will be in touch!

Here’s how confident I am that this program will work for you…

If you don’t lose the weight that we agree upon during your program, we will keep training you for FREE until you do!

Are you ready?

Talk soon,

Andy McCloy