This week we started to promote our premiere program 42 STRONG!

We have had a great response so far and there have been some common questions I wanted to answer for you today.

Why is the program called 42Strong?

42 days is 6 weeks.

6 weeks is the time required to create a long-term transformation.

We call this 42STRONG because this program will be a challenge.

We are going to ask you to focus on a specific set of rules and behaviors every single day for 42 days straight!

That takes STRENGTH!

What are the 5 Rules for 42Strong?

Follow the meal plans we provide. We are even providing direct links to meals and ingredients to make this process fast and simple to follow!

Workout Daily. You will be able to train at BCI 4-5xs a week during 42STRONG but on the days you are not at BCI we are going to provide you with home workouts and strategies to stay active.

Read 5-10 pages a day. We are going to provide you with a FREE PDF on one of the best Habit books available. If you performed 42 STRONG before this is a NEW book. We believe education drives compliance and the more you understand how to develop habits that support your future self the better results you will get!

Drink 90 oz of water a day. Staying hydrated is imperative. However, water also plays a large role in satiation and keeping you from overeating. This is a “keystone” habit of all successful dieters and one many people overlook when attempting to transform themselves!

Walk 30 minutes a Day, or 10,000 steps! Raising your overall activity level is a cheat code to losing fat and toning your body. The easiest way to do that is to plan a daily walk

Will there be a prize for having the best results in 42STRONG?

Yes, we are handing over 1000$ CASH to the winner! The REAL prize is the results and lessons you will learn by submitting yourself to this challenge for 42 days. Anyone who finishes will get RESULTS!!

Do I have to be in shape to take on this challenge and do 42 STRONG?

Nope, we have designed this program to accommodate all fitness and age levels! This program will work for people completely new to their fitness journey as well as seasoned veterans who are looking to take on a new challenge!

Will I be able to get extra help if I need it during the challenge?

ABSOLUTELY, you will be placed on a TEAM with one of our coaches who will be available to help you with ANY questions and concerns. If you need 1 on 1 strategy sessions, we will also be happy to provide that additional support for no extra cost!

What if I fall off track?

You will have help. We don’t expect perfection, if you fall off, you get back up and we will be there to help you along the way. This program is going to force you to make choices and decisions daily on how you approach your nutrition and exercise. We will provide accountability and guidance so if you do fall off, we can guide you back on track.

What if I don’t get results?

I am so confident in this program that I guarantee you results. If you follow the rules and you perform this program the way, it’s designed, and you don’t get results I will refund you your money! In an upcoming email I plan to share the results of past participants. If you do the work, you will get results!

Is there a cost for this program?

I want you to first ask yourself what is the cost of not creating change in your health and fitness right now?

What is your current state of health and fitness costing you? Is it your health? Is it confidence? Is it energy and vitality?

Now imagine being able to solve that problem in 42 days.

What’s the VALUE of solving that problem?

Yes, we are going to ask you to invest in yourself!

When you invest time and money you create leverage over your own behaviors and that always leads to better results!

BCI Members receive a HUGE discount and the first 50 BCI members who sign up will also receive a FREE gift (Black Card) as well.

To receive the pricing information and reserve your spot we are asking you to fill out this short application, so we know if the program is the right fit for you!

We won’t waste your time or money if we don’t think the program is a good fit for you.

Click here for the application!

If you don’t feel that you need to make any changes and are just looking for a little help this program may not be for you!

This program is for people who know that they are capable of more and are ready to take on a challenge that will get them RESULTS!

This program is for those of you who know the current way you are approaching your health and fitness is not getting you results, and you want more!

Can’t wait to read your application!


Andy McCloy