The most valuable and important thing we can ever receive from a client is a referral.  We want more people just like you.  We want people who are finally ready to take control of their health and fitness!

So heres my gift to you

Send 1 referral that signs up for a trial or multi month contract: 50$ cash or credit off next months membership dues

-Send 2 referrals that sign up for a trial or multi month contract: 100$ cash or credit off next months membership dues

Send 3 referrals that sign up for a trial or multi month contract: FREE Month of training on US!

AFTER you have sent us 3 referrals who have signed up for a trial or multi month contract you will be available for a free month of training any time you send us another referral.  Yep, send us 6 referrals who sign up and thats 6 months free training services for you!

How to send a referral

I know its not always easy to send us a referral.  Often times when friends or family ask us about our experience we tell them what we are doing, the things we like and other info about the facility regarding coaches, environment etc.  This is a great time to consider sending us a referral.  We dont want you to be a salesman or push anyone towards our program who doesnt opt inon their own.  What I have found is posing a statement or question like the one below has a way of flushing out true interest:

Would you have interest in learning more about BCI?  If so I can connect you with someone on staff

Or something like that!

If they say no, thats not a problem.  No harm, no foul.  Not everyone will be ready to take advantage of our services.  

However, if they say yes heres how Id suggest handling that.

*Option 1:  Text intro.  Ask permission to pass on their cell phone number to someone on staff at BCI.  If they agree, send that to 256.658.4609 and inform us about who this potential client is in relation to you.  We will then get in contact with them and see if we are a good fit for their needs!

Option 2: Email intro.  Most people do the majority of their communications via email and text message.  If someone in your circle of influence has shown interest in working on their health and fitness ask them if they mind if you make an email introduction.  Send an email to [email protected] and CC your friend/referral.  

The email could be as simple as this

Hey Andy wanted to introduce you to XXXXXXX.   XXXXXX meet Andy.  Ive told XXXXX about my experience at BCI and just wanted to introduce the two of you.  Ill let you guys take it from here

Its that easy!  If you have any questions about this process just let us know.  We value you and your connections.  We promise not to spam anyone or hard sellthem on our services.  

Our mission is to change and impact as many lives as possible using fitness as the vehicle to accomplish this and we would be honored to serve the people closest to you!