Have you ever said “I’ll start working out once life isn’t so busy” ….

If so, this may hurt your feelings…

You’ve been warned…

That doesn’t make sense and I need you to understand why.

Imagine waiting till you are “not busy” … picture that…has it ever actually been your reality?

I’m gonna jump out on a limb and say you are always busy, and you will always be busy to some degree.

If you wait till things are perfect to start you guarantee that once, you get busy again you will quit and use that rationale for why you can’t make the time to work out.

Have you ever experienced this?

Truthfully, you may be struggling to clarify your priorities and you may simply not want to work out.

That is 100% ok and that’s a solve vie problem.

Wanna know what’s not solvable?

A problem that’s not true.

If you need help figuring out how to put your fitness first, hit that reply button.

 I got something for ya that will help!

Talk soon,

Andy McCloy