Stress is a major driver of “comfort food”.  Those foods often contain tons of sugar.  I just left publix and there’s a lot of meat, eggs, rice, produce…plenty of good food….but cookies, cinnamon rolls etc. cleaned out.  The alcohol section is a bit depleted as well.

This is from a “snow storm”.  I believe this is one part stress and other part conditioning…


We link together experiences and foods in our brain and then they become habitual responses.

That’s the habit cycle

There’s a que: snow storm

Then the routine: go raid the grocery store and get comfort food

Then the reward: dopamine hit and feeling of comfort from familiar and sugary foods

The issue with this is that if you have aspirations to improve your health, fitness, or body composition that habit cycle isn’t really congruent with those goals.

Understanding this and your unconscious behaviors is the key to rewiring your habits so you can accomplish your goals without guilt, stress and the roller coaster of endless dieting.

Enjoy the snow day…if it ever snows 🤷🏻‍♂️