Although there are more than 3 reasons why strength training should be a part of your training regimen, here are my favorite ones.

1. Creating my ideal shape.

  • I am not going to lie when I say I only strength train to be strong. I love the way I can ultimately control my shape by lifting weights. I can choose to put on more muscle, lose the excess fat and truly sculpt the lean body I desire.

2. Aids in managing my mood, stress and energy.

  • I never knew how much lifting weights could impact all three of these things. When I’m in a consistent exercise routine I don’t feel as sluggish, tired or cranky. There is a sense of calmness when I’m going through more high stress situations because I know my body is physically prepared to handle stress. And the best one is having more energy while I do my job and while I’m with the people I love most!

3. The confidence I’ve gained while being, feeling and looking strong!

  • This one is my favorite by a long shot. I was taught at a very young age in sports that being strong will help me be the best competitor. I competed to win and being strong was the ticket to that level of success. I’m obviously not an athlete of that sport anymore but I like to think that I’m an athlete in this thing called life. Being strong and confident as a female is getting more important as the years go by and strength training has helped me tremendously in that area. I take pride in being, feeling and looking strong and you should too!

If you’re interested in an all women’s strength training experience at BCI, reply back to this email!

– Coach Maddie