Hey guys I wanna give you a quick list of 20 things that will make attaining your fitness goals easier.


This is by no means a complete list but if you turned this into a Checklist and did these things daily you would be blown away at the results!


I double dog dare ya to give these a shot!


1. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day

2. Be a grown up and eat 2-3 handfuls of veggies a day 😜

3. Eat at least .75g-1g per pound of body weight (this one tip could change everything for you)

4. Have 3-5g a day of sodium to help with energy, hydration, and recovery.  (LMNT is the best supplement)

5. Take a multivitamin, fish oil, and creatine regardless of goals.  The primary benefit of these 3 supplements are improved cognition and brain health.  That’s a big deal.

6. Have caffeine 1x a day and stay under 300mg a day

7. Take a cold shower (1-3minutes) a couple times a week or daily if you’re bout that life!

8. Walk Walk Walk…7500 minimum steps a day.  If you aren’t hitting that number, this is the easiest thing you can do to increase fitness and will aid in creating a calorie deficit.

9. Wake up, sit down…. breathe.  Take 3-5minutes before you begin your morning rush to tame your mind.  4 sec inhale, 4 second breathe hold, 4 second exhale, 4 second breathe hold…repeat for 3-5minutes.  Use this anytime you feel stressed and anxious

10. Sweat every day.  We are designed to sweat and move.  Every day you should find a way to intentionally sweat even if for only 10-15min.  A walk, mobility routine, or even slow-paced work on a device can pay off big!

11. Get a coach or an accountability buddy for your goals.
Stop putting everything and everyone over your need to invest in your health and fitness.  Make it a real priority.

12. Create a “not to do” list and follow it.  What are the things you know you lean on when you “fall off” your commitments to fitness and nutrition?  Don’t do those things!

13. When you struggle give yourself the advice you would give your child if they were struggling with some challenge or obstacle

14. If you think you have a bad knee, bad back, or any injuries that are holding you back from exercise go get them looked at by a professional!

15. If you think you have hormonal issues you NEED to be getting labs done on a regular basis and that info can be used to create strategies to improve your hormones.

17. Continuation of #16.  Addressing your sleep, stopping alcohol consumption, cleaning up diet and exercising every day will do more to fix your hormones than any supplement or hormone a doctor prescribes you.  Sometimes those supplements and hormones are required to give you the energy and motivation needed to address the above.

18.Do more cardio that doesn’t beat up your joints.  Running is fine but there’s a cost that comes with running.  You are bounding from 1 leg to the other over long distances and that can be abusive on your joints based on your fitness. You don’t run to get in shape…you get in shape and then run…if you want.   I want the heart health benefits of running without the abuse.  Bikes, rowers, and other devices provide low impact ways to get cardiac benefits without joint stress.  15-30 min a day at a heart rate of 115-125 bpm will get the job done.

19. I highly suggest trying to eat your last meal as far away from bedtime as possible.  3-4 hrs. seems to be the sweet spot for me.  The improvement in sleep quality is what this strategy benefits the most.  That improves hormone function and suppresses desire for cravings and sweets.

20. Start your day with 16 oz water, a pinch of salt (or LMNT), 10 body weight squats, 10 push-ups or 5 breaths of a plank. For extra credit do this outside as soon as the sun comes up.  This will help solidify your circadian rhythm by leveraging light, movement, and hydration.
I could rattle off 100 more tips like this, but I’ll save them for the future.


If you made it through this email and know it’s time for you to take control of your health and fitness this is a GUARANTEED way for you to get results!


Talk soon,


Andy McCloy