Hey Everyone!


Wanted to check in today and give you some insight into my beliefs regarding time management.


Here’s the short story….


You can’t manage time; you can only manage yourself!


I meet with clients or potential clients every day and “not having time” seems to be the top reason why most don’t exercise more or find consistency in a routine.


Now, let me be clear before I get hate mail.


I fully accept that there is difficulty managing all the moving parts associated with managing a family and a career.


It’s hard.  It may even feel impossible at times.


About 12yrs ago I got custody of my oldest daughter.


Being a single parent trying to build a business made it hard for me to make the time to invest in myself…


And I own a gym!!


Here’s some things I learned from those years that I think may be valuable for you.


If you struggle to find the time to exercise here’s your cheat sheet on how to make it happen:


  1.  You are your best asset and if you aren’t the healthiest version of yourself the stress or life will be even harder to deal with.   A large part of finding the time to exercise is about “belief”. You must believe that exercising is essential for you to operate at your best.  I know this to be true and If you can accept this to be true you are on your way to making time to exercise.
  2. Put your mask on first!  Ever been on an airplane and they tell you to put your mask on first?  Why do they tell you that?   Because in case of an emergency you must first make sure you are safe to help others.  This is like number 1, but this is about prioritization.  If it’s possible for you to work out in the morning before you must put on the mom, dad, or career “hat” it gives you an unfair advantage in life and major control over your fitness.
  3. Find the wasted time.  Do this…. go into your cell phone and check how much time you spend on your phone daily.  I suspect you will be blown away.  You will most likely find hours of time you can reclaim.  I know social media and Netflix time may feel essential.  I give myself permission to do both, but not in place of a daily workout.  Working out doesn’t require going to the gym.  Once you know how to exercise you can knock out quick 20min workouts at home.  While I would love for you to come to BCI I understand that may not be possible for some.  On that note, we do offer remote coaching.  If you need help let me know and I’ll see if we can help in some way.
  4. Find a crew or family to workout with.  This is one major reason small group and large group programs like we offer at BCI are so powerful.  It creates leverage. When you start working out with a crew you benefit from the peer-to-peer association. You begin to enjoy the process more and we make time to do things we enjoy.
  5. Hire a coach.  Where you spend time and money is a major indicator about what matters most to you.  When I want to make a change In my life, I hire a coach. In the areas of fitness and nutrition I can design my own programs…. but I still hire coaches because spending money on my fitness makes it a higher priority in my life. The ROI on my health supersedes the financial investment.


I hope this has some value for those of you struggling to find or make the time for your fitness.


If you need help or guidance, please reach out.


Don’t hesitate to send me an email with why you can’t find the time to work out.  I’d be happy to go back and forth and see how I can help.


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Our 21 Day VIP program will teach you how to incorporate fitness into your life without sacrificing the time you need to put into work, family, and a social life.


Talk soon,


Andy McCloy

Owner BCI