This might be a little woo woo for you so bear with me….

Your brain needs to be pointed in the right direction or you will at times fall victim to your “programming”.

You will do what you always do.

What’s comfortable….what’s easy and frictionless

To help myself deal with this reality I use journaling

I use an app every day called “The 5minute journal”.

Journaling practices have been a constant for me over the last 5yrs at least but this is the one that has kept me the most consistent.  It’s simple, it’s prompted and it’s easy.

Setting my daily intentions for how I plan to make my day great and affirming how I will show up and handle the inevitable road blocks that come my way is something I do daily.

You may want to consider it

You can break the habit of being yourself if you get clear on what you need to do to become who you want to become.

Then you have to actually show up and do those things.

These are three things that make my days great.  My list changes but these 3 are always in rotation.

1.  Planning ahead keeps me from any headaches or uncertainty

2.  Honoring my schedule and plan not only helps me be more productive and get things done but builds trust with myself (this is a major key to reap self confidence)

3. Exercising, eating healthy and sleeping like a pro is what gives me the best chance of doing everything In life at the level I am capable of performing.

Hope this had some value for you!

Finish strong