Ever heard the saying your body whispers before it screams?

Well it’s true.

I wanted to chime in today and ask you to try something.

This week when you eat your meals and food I want you to take note of how you feel after meals.

If you are tired

If you are bloated

If you feel brain fog

Those foods are worth limiting.

Even if you love them!!

Any food or liquid (alcohol, milk)  that creates those side effects is causing unnecessary stress to your body.

Your ability to digest food is the key to assimilating their nutrients.

If your stomach health is being wrecked by foods you love but respond poorly too it’s time for a change!

This is just one topic that myself and Maddie Harris are going to cover on November 11th

You and all your friends are invited!

If you have ever wanted to learn how to eat healthy so you look and feel your best … .without giving up all the things you love….

This is for you!

It’s 100% free but you should only attend if you are the type of person who wants to get leaner and more fit!

Talk soon,

Andy McCloy