Hey guys,

I just got back from a really cool training experience with a group in California that specializes in preparedness.

There was one major concept that was hammered home all weekend long….

Get off the X…Movement is life

Getting off the X is a term used by military and law enforcement that states if you find yourself in a dangerous situation of any kind you must move.

Move to cover

Move to attack

No matter what you need to move!

Movement is required to save your life if you have been ambushed, surprised, or attacked.

Why in the world does this matter to you?

It got me thinking

There are people reading this who are stuck on the proverbial X in their own life.

They are dealing with threats to their health like diabetes, prediabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor sleep, poor diet, back pain, and all of this keeps us from feeling and looking our best.

I don’t want to be too morbid here but all of the above are silent killers that chip away at your lifespan.

The way around this is to move.

This may sound silly but if you know your health is not at its best it’s time to get off the X.

Take a step towards some blood work

Hire a coach and join a gym


If you aren’t ready for that I implore you to begin with simple daily 10 minutes walks.

The more you move your body the healthier and more resilient you will become!

I promise!

If you need help, reach out!

We got your back!

Talk soon,

Andy McCloy