The key to a COMPLETE Transformation comes down to how you leverage the Trifecta of Change:


Training…That helps you get strong and burn fat

Nutrition…so you eat right foods in the right amounts

Accountability…because we all need it!


Today I wanted to share with you the incredible results our last 42 STRONG Challenge WINNER was able to achieve by leaning into this exact process!


I asked Christina if she would share with you the results she got from 42STRONG!  Before you read on I want to highlight that Christina was able to lose 20lbs and 5% Body Fat!  Below you will read about what the major key was for her!


This round of 42STRONG is the best one yet!  I say that every time we launch a challenge because as a staff we “debrief” and discuss how to improve the challenge every single time.


This time we have an enhanced nutrition plan and even more accountability!  


If you’re serious about making a transformation this is your call to action!  


The program begins on August 15th and the orientation is August 13th.


Click here to reserve your spot!!


We close the doors on the challenge FRIDAY at 6pm!


Don’t take my word for how beneficial this program can be for you, keep reading and learn why!




What was your favorite part of the 42 STRONG program?


My favorite part is the accountability. Checking in each day through the Facebook group helps me think twice on some decisions I make throughout the day.  Knowing I have to report back honestly does help hold me more accountable.


What was the biggest reason for your success in 42 strong?


This time, I really got my nutrition under control and went all in on it. I have been exercising regularly for years now,  but figuring out the nutrition piece (and doing it) was the missing link for me.


What lessons did you learn through the process?


I have done all of the 42 strong challenges so far and each time there was a new lesson I learned. Some of the most important lessons were getting enough water (I now carry around a gallon bottle all day everyday) and sleep.


What would you tell someone on the fence about joining the challenge?


Do it! Every challenge I have done I have made new habits, learned something new,  and learned something new about myself. You can’t fix it all overnight, but you have to start somewhere!




If you’re interested in joining the challenge click this link to reserve your spot and you’ll be on your way to losing 10-30lbs!




Andy McCloy